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Not BloGGing Atm~

Kinda lazy now.. So wun b blogging for time being..

Cheers to all n hab a great 2010.

10:07 PM

Finally over~

Wheeees, finally everything is over~ Now is time to relax le, but hor, stil wil worry abt my results, coz some papers reallie hard siia ><

Past few daes hab been in audi, chioning lvls, finally my audi cpl n miie reached the goal we set, lvl 46 n lvl 41, king n master, wahhahahahas~ Feel very contented n happy at some ways. Hehe~


Well, might look for temp job n work for the moment, earn some extra cash~ ^^

Hao le~ Dats all for time being. xD


6:17 PM


Siianz.. Kinda sick n tired of everything around miie.. Nothing goes smoothly at all..

When will all these nonsense stop? 上吊也要喘口气的嘛.. Haizz..

1:55 AM

Hurt my spinal cord =.=

Didnt blog for few days coz i was resting most of the time or study for my o lvl..

Hurt my spinal cord on mon.. n it hurts!! I cant even stand up when i hurt myself, all thanks to my doggie >< My sis cal for ambulance n the medic sae i hab to b carry down cos i cant walk, i told them i can, but they insisted miie to stay stil =.= When i reached hospital i was given a jab straight away, aft dat i was warded for 3 days.. Beside doing physio n taking tons of med, i cant do anything >< X ray was taken too.. Was discharged on wed afternoon, i stil hab to go back for physio thou.. But now i feel slightly beta le, at least i can walk liaoz.. At 1st i cant even walk lor, oni can rest on bed @@

Hope dat i wil get well soon, i dun like the pain n the numb feeling on my back =.=


7:33 PM

Sick T_T

2dae evening when i habing dinner, halfway thru.. i started vomitting >< N it juz dun stop til i ate med @@ Aft dat i started to hab diarrheoa.. Think food posioning bahz.. Juz nw i started to feel hungry so ask daddy brg miie out to grab smth to eat.. Ends up.. i puked agnz!! Faints..

Dun kips fall sick laa.. See myself kips sick oso siianz siia..

Late le, think i go take med n slp bahz. =.=

1:28 AM

Exam in progress~

Exam in progress~ So wont b around so often~ -huggies for all my frenz-

Poofies~ ^^


12:52 PM

Some Pictures~

3:05 PM

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I m Phyllis Ng aka PhyPhy
I was being thrown out from mummy's womb on 02081993~
I m a happi n cheerful gal (but my temper is bad at times too) =pp
Currently studying in FuHua Sec Sch~ Hate sch thou @@
I like alot of things de.. But wad lehz, if u r close to mi, u wil knw.. if not, figure out urself~ ^^
Hate pple dat dun respect others
-stab stab-

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