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Realised some of u cant see the tagbox when u go in my blog.. Will try to fix it >< Currently oni those using mozilla firefox wil b able to access to the tagbox niia..

Gimme sometime coz imma stil noob in bloggie thingy @@

5:45 PM

New blogskin~

Change new blogskin ydae~ Cute mahz? Hahahas

Was supposed to put my ugly face de, but decided to put cici instead~ ^^ As she is cuter, hahahas xD

2dae went to do a facebook quiz.. "who love miie the most" Faints.. it comes out "A".. waaaa, so many A lor.. Who is the secret A lehz? Ah pa, Ah ma, Ah kor, Ah jie, Ah gong........ Wapiangz, so many A.. BUT BUT BUT BUT, CONFIRM NOT ATIGO!! Grrrrrrrrrrr x.x

LOLx.. All those name starting wif A, pls report to my tagbox.. rofl.. i crazy, ignore miie pls ><

Poofies n hab a nice dae~ ^^

2:50 PM


Hmm.. Last few days was not in veri good mood..

Went to see my cousin ydae, he was being discharge frm hospital le, the moment i saw him, i feel like crying, the way he walked, the way he helped mi to open door, his left hand n left leg dun seems to b co-ordinate wif him.. >< I promised to buy him mac, so when i passed it to him, the way he ate the burger, its like.. He haven eat for century.. Mayb when he is in hospital, he cant eat bahz.. Eat so fast, as if he is in hurry.. My aunt sae dat since he was discharged, dunno wad happened to him, everything he eat or drink, always veri veri fast.. =.= N the best part is.. He insist of going back sch for his PSLE, he said he dun wanna late 1 year for the exam.. But we r juz worry abt him.. ><

This few days dun dun oso not his usual self, he sae dat i put my frenz, baby, jie, dii in 1st position, he is last dat i can think of.. >< He is the 1 who wans mi to b happi de mahz, so i dunno wad i did wrong this time >< Grrr, always doing wrong things de lehz @@

As for baby.. I oso dunno wads wrg wif him now.. He seems like habing alot of stressed n probs.. I hope dat i can see him happi agnz soon.. Not like now.. so depressed de -.-

As for myself, i m trying hard to make sure dat frenz n pple around mi r happi, thou i cant reallie help all who hab probs, but at least i wil try my best to let them knw there r pple who cares~

Well well, 2dae veri talkative siia.. Hao la.. Dats shld b all for now le, going to study abit, then play wif my doggie.. Hab been neglecting him.

Poofies~ ^^

2:05 PM


Getting more n more stressed nowadays.. Seems like alot of pressure kips bothering mi.. ><

Muz buck up buck up.. Cannot stressed laa... @@

Everything wil b fine de.

Jy PhyPhy~

5:46 PM

Wed le~

Time flies~ 'O' lvl wil b starting soon >< Meaning i hab to go bi kuan liaoz.. Wun see mi so often in msn or games le~

Hab tried to tell myself, sometimes there are things dat cant b force, as long u njoy the process, dats enuff, dun get too emotional when things goes wrong~ lolx.. Sometimes dun reallie like myself lor.. Y m i so easily being affected, or always trying to hide my emotion.. =.=

Grrr.. I wan go study liaoz~ So might not b able to blog so often oso le~

Take care all my friends~ -huggies- ^^


3:26 PM


Din blog past few days agnz >< Starts to get real bz at times now..

Wedding in audi wif baby on 20/09/2009, thanx to those who hab attended our wedding~ ^^ Rang ni men po fei le, esp to Sunny, kips disconnected from the server when he entered the room.. ><

2day din go to sch, coz i overslept, slp around 430am @@ 815am then i woke up, faints.. Smth happens, so i cant reallie slp well, haiz.. Hope everything will b fine soon bahz~

Well, dats for all now, kinda of slpy stil ><

8:54 AM


Oh, how Does a marriage begins?
3 simple words these 8 letters make
i love you and the magic begins.
some say its the end others the beginning
So what is marriage i question myself.
A certificate so that i can buy my house?
A partner for life or so it seems?
Marriage marriage Marriage
A lifetime to honor through any obstacle
or a obstacle to honor for lifelong?
Getting married was once
saint and holy
But look now you earthly beings
The arrows of cupid have brought you together
And thou are still unsatisfiable
A score of arrows on your back
to flaunt to sin or destroy love?
Oh, marriage marriage marriage
how sad it has become
The funeral of romance, the end of love
Now pray upon the angels of love
Flying in the heavens above
To bring the matrimony back to what it was
A life time of love
a life long honor
Only till death shall man and wife part.
Marriage Marriage Marriage?

A poem written by Dun Dun~

Bravo Bravo ^^

12:43 AM

Nth much~

Hmm, din post for past 2 daes.. Kinda like preparing myself for 'o' lvl~

My cousin hab his brain tumor ops done, his willpower n fighting spirit surprised us, from aft ops in ICU critical, unconscious situation doc told us, he nid at least 3-4 daes to wakey, n at least 1 week to start toking, but the next dae he woke up, n start toking to us alrdy~ N he hab his oxygen mask, all kind of tubes around his body removed the second dae too~

Ydae went to see him, sadly he asked mi "jiejie, y all these wil happen to mi? i m a strong n healthy boi ah, y gt so many tumors in my body?" When he ask dat, he started crying.. Dang lor, i almost cried out oso, but adults sae nvr cry infront of him, so i control myself >< Beside the brain tumor, he hab another tumor at his backbone, around 12inch @@ faints, he is oni 12 years old =.=

He insist of taking his PSLE, so heard his cher telling him to get doc's letter, so dat the sch can submit to MOE, n let him take his exam in either hospital or special room in sch.. x.x

Hope dat he wil recover veri veri soon, he stil hab a long way to go de~ Jy Chee Heng, u can do it de!!~

Think dats all for now~

12:31 PM


Din post anything ydae, kinda tired n siianz..

Baby hab been emo-ing for a week liaoz~ Reallie hope he wil buck up soon~ JY BABY!!~

Been playing DDR mat bought by dun dun.. Piangz lor, always gets B or BB de, nvr see a A or AA yet @@ It oso hab 8k de, i haven try yet, so far playing 4k nia.. Imagine in audi my 8k died straight de lor >< Then rainny n sunny sae dat i oni dare 2 play at home nia, go arcade i dun dare.. Pls la, arcade so many pple watching ><

Hmm.. Nth much to sae liao, think dats all for now~

4:43 PM

Nothing much~

Went out in the evening to attend annual D&D wif mummy~ Then bth my table de pple lor, they r like whole dae nvr eat liddat, when the food is served, i can oni managed to get 1 serving nia, they finished the food so fast, n they kips ask the waiters n waitress to serve them red wine, white wine n beer de, i can see the waitress face veri pek chek de ><

Mummy is working in HR de, so she is like a PR, hab to run around the halls @@ Haiz.. I feel so miserable.. 1st time went dinner n i stil feel hungry aft dat lor -.-

Hao la, dats all for 2dae bahz~ Nitez~

2:24 AM


Sometimes in life, there r times dat when we wan to archieve smth, but no matter how hard we try, how much effort we put in, it will b in vain~

Dun feel sad, dun feel discourage, becoz the process u go thru, it may b full of happiness n surprises~

Thou the ending might not b the one u r expecting, but at least u try, u wil hab no regrets~ ^^


5:41 PM

My wishes~

2dae i m very greedy, i made alot of wishes, i hope it wil come true~

1st i hope those dat i care wil stay in their pink of health~

2nd i hope dat everyone dat i knw wil find their true love n stay happily tgt ever after (including myself =p)~

3rd i hope dat my results wil b good, i dun ask for much, at least lemme go to poly~

4th i hope there's nth cal curfew in my family.. So dat i can go out freely n no time is being set~

5th i hope dat all the couples i knw wil treasure each other n live happily tgt~

6th i hope dat i can find someone that reallie loves and dotes on me~

I wish i wish wif all my heart, my hopes n dreams wil all come true~~


9:38 PM

A very special day~

As most of you should know, today is a very special day. 090909.

Below is a message i received today~

I sent an angel to watch over you last night, but it came back to me. I asked the angel why it came back and it replied "Angels don't watch over angels!"
Jesus must be missing an angel now, as you are reading this message. In times when we are busy with our own things, there might be no time for conversations. But if u read this message, you know your not forgotten.

To all my friends. phy phy loves you =D
Take care and nitez~

8:40 PM


Wanna go watch movie wif rainny n sunny de >< Thot can relax abit.. But chou daddy sae 2dae his air parcel wil b arriving, so i cant go, muz stay at home n w8 for the parcel. @@

Angry gry~ Another siianz dae le ><

Y so no motivation!! Ahhhh!! Some1 gimme some motivation pls!! Hao siianz!!

12:31 PM


Hate to sae this.. Lao ah gong u are reallie getting on my nerves le.. Dun ask mi to do things dat i dun like k? I sae i wanna rest means i wanna rest, dun sae wanna knw wads wrg wif mi, it is none of ur business, i dun wan to tok on phone means i dun wan!! So F off! N STOP calling mi DEAR!! I M NOT UR DEAR!!

10:26 PM

Wad happen to mi ><

Xin tong tong de.. Dunno wads wrg wif mi siia.. Where m i heading to actuallie.. ><

Haiz, think i concentrate in my study bah, 'O' lvl coming le~ JYJY PHYPHY!!~


7:08 PM

School Holidae starts~

School holidays le~ But dunno y my mood stil low..

Hab to cheer up lehz.. Dun like myself emo emo de ><

Grrrr!!~ Nth much to post oso, din do anything, juz stone n laze around..

Think dats for all now bahz~


2:47 PM

Super siianz dae~

2dae hen emo.. SO siianz n pek..

Dun wanna go chalet coz of somebody.. But things juz went wrg in a short while..

Hen siianz.. Hope 2moro wil b beta dae for mi~

Poof le.. @@

7:54 PM

Sat le ^^

Ydae nite went to see doc agnz, coz the swelling of my neck spread to face.. N i totally cant open my mouth de >< Then the doc told mi is "bian tao xian fa yan" Grrr!! So jialek liddat =.= She change all the med n gave mi new de, n it works quite well, 2dae i can eat le!! Without the stupid pain in my throat ^^

Dun Dun sae if i faster recover, then he buy mi braised duck drumstick!! Woohoo~ -drooling- =pp Muz faster recover lo~ hehe

Juz now went out to eat my lunchie, then lao ah gong keeps sms mi >< Ask mi to cal him, told him i no voice le, so pek chek siia =.=

Dats all for now~ I wanna go watch my show le~ ^^

2:40 PM

2 MV~

Posted 2 Ming Zhong Zhu Ding Wo Ai Ni de Mv.. I liked this 2 songs, is kinda nice~ Hope u all njoy too ^^

2:44 PM

Fated To Love You - Ban Qing Ge (Half Love Song) - Funny videos are here

12:52 PM

Baby is sick too~

Hmm.. This morning sms baby, he is sick too >< Resting at home..

Guess his work pressure n slp late at nite causes him to fall sick bahz @@

Muz take care worh baby~

Meanwhile i start to eat smth light le, thou is stil pain, but at least can swallow bit by bit liaoz ^^

Dats all for now~ Cheers!!~ o(n.n)o

5:31 PM


2dae woke up, 1st thing is piangz.. my throat.. was so pain n swollen de lor @@

Cant tok.. Cant eat.. Cant drink.. Can diet le, whole dae juz stone n do nth..

Haiz.. Stop falling sick pls.. ><

3:09 PM

Not agnz..

Piangz.. not agnz bahz.. juz recovered from my sickness.. now fever n throat infection agn... so suay.. Went to see doc.. Doc gave mi antibiotics n fever med.. think he 4get i cant swallow.. @@

Going to slp le.. Hate myself.. Keeps falling sick.. esp this 7th month >< reallie suay -.-

-Poof to bed- Gd nite everyone~ -huggies-

10:11 PM


2dae was in lab when baby sms mi >< so i took sometimes to reply him.. But think he is too bz le bahz, aft dat he nvr sms mi le~

Dunno wads wrg wif my throat siia.. Its so painful dat i can hardly tok.. Its like smth poking my throat, i cant eat or drk water, coz when the liquid flows down my throat, my throat is like gog to cui le.. =.= I din eat fish past few daes lehz, shldnt b fishbone bah -faints-

Hmm, dats all for now bahz~ Cheers ^^

2:34 PM

Pissed @@

2dae went in to play audi, then there was this stupid guy dat came in.. He took over dj n kik mi out of the room!! I was kinda pissed.. But nbm, i simply ignored, aft dat cr8 a new room.. N this guy came into the room, coz of his attitude prob, i kik him.. Who knws, he came in n start scolding mi in vulgar x.x

Then i start game, dun wanna argue wif him, but hor, he yue ma yue shuang.. i was feeling pek liao.. thru out the whole song, he keeps scold n scold, then i told him, wanna play jiu diam diam, dun wan jiu go out.. piangz lor.. he scold mi agn n ask for my name n sch..

Wads wrg wif audi pple now >< Y all so sot n weird de la @@

Wad a dae!!~ Sigh ><

9:55 PM

Phy Phylogy~

One dae, Anna n Brenda mit up wif each other since they left sch~ Anna seems to look sad n depressed, so Brenda ask Anna wads gog on..

Anna: I like a guy Brenda~
Brenda: Wow, dats nice ^^ But y u look so sad?
Anna: Becoz i dunno if he likes mi ><
Brenda: Did dat guy knows u like him?
Anna: Yes, he do.. I told him b4 @@
Brenda: So he nvr sae he likes u?
Anna: ya, dats right =.=
Brenda: There is only 2 possibilities Anna, 1st, dat is he dun like u, 2nd, he is juz too dense to express himself~
Anna: Haiz.....

Sometimes, being liked by some1 is a blessing. Like wise liking some1 might be hurting too. The path u choose is either smooth or full of traps, u hab to stand firm n choose the correct way. Once u hab decided the path u choose, dun regret~

1:58 PM

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I like alot of things de.. But wad lehz, if u r close to mi, u wil knw.. if not, figure out urself~ ^^
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