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Hmm.. Last few days was not in veri good mood..

Went to see my cousin ydae, he was being discharge frm hospital le, the moment i saw him, i feel like crying, the way he walked, the way he helped mi to open door, his left hand n left leg dun seems to b co-ordinate wif him.. >< I promised to buy him mac, so when i passed it to him, the way he ate the burger, its like.. He haven eat for century.. Mayb when he is in hospital, he cant eat bahz.. Eat so fast, as if he is in hurry.. My aunt sae dat since he was discharged, dunno wad happened to him, everything he eat or drink, always veri veri fast.. =.= N the best part is.. He insist of going back sch for his PSLE, he said he dun wanna late 1 year for the exam.. But we r juz worry abt him.. ><

This few days dun dun oso not his usual self, he sae dat i put my frenz, baby, jie, dii in 1st position, he is last dat i can think of.. >< He is the 1 who wans mi to b happi de mahz, so i dunno wad i did wrong this time >< Grrr, always doing wrong things de lehz @@

As for baby.. I oso dunno wads wrg wif him now.. He seems like habing alot of stressed n probs.. I hope dat i can see him happi agnz soon.. Not like now.. so depressed de -.-

As for myself, i m trying hard to make sure dat frenz n pple around mi r happi, thou i cant reallie help all who hab probs, but at least i wil try my best to let them knw there r pple who cares~

Well well, 2dae veri talkative siia.. Hao la.. Dats shld b all for now le, going to study abit, then play wif my doggie.. Hab been neglecting him.

Poofies~ ^^

2:05 PM

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